-Conduct a commercial assessment that is customized to the asset.

  • Consideration of market sizing/trends, competitive, reimbursement landscape, and treatment algorithm

  • Opinion leader, payer, and/or prescriber input on target product profile, development plan, reimbursement/pricing, positioning, IP strategy

-Build development, manufacturing, commercial, reimbursement, IP strategy, and business plan for asset.

-Develop a compelling, defendable valuation, supported with a business plan, to present to potential payers, partners, investors, and/or acquirers of asset.

Management consulting Engagements

business and commercial strategy and plans

  • Build Business Plans for Specialty Products/Portfolios.

  • Assess Commercial Markets, Maximize Valuation of Compounds.

  • Generate Defendable Custom Forecast/Valuation Models.

  • Advise Executive Management/Drive Process to Secure Partnering/Funding

management consulting engagements typically last from 6 months to several years

Challenges Facing Out-Licensers and In-Licensers

Solution to Challenges facing out-licensers and in-licensers

BAL Pharma Consulting, Limited Liability Company

What will the market look like when an asset is at the stage of market entry?

  • Competitive landscape
  • Reimbursement/pricing
  • Generic/biosimilar penetration

What strategy will maximize the valuation of an asset in the "future" marketplace?

  • Development
  • Commercial
  • IP